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How To Get Study Visa for Canada?

Canada is one of the best places in the world for studying. Canada offers international student’s vast opportunities for studying and making a career there. There are numerous reputed and internationally recognised educational institutions, English language schools, secondary school education and tertiary education providers. Once you get your student visa you can stay and study in Canada as a full time student for a fixed period of time. You can stay in Canada for a maximum period of four years on a student visa.

Here are some other things that you should know about student: –

Length of Visa:

Depending on your study program, the Immigration Canada decides the length of your visa. There are three ways in which it is decided:

If you are a student who has paid full fees then usually your duration of visa is same as the fees you have paid. If you have paid the fees for a year and your study course depends on Canada academic year then you may be granted a visa that expires on 31 March of next year.

If the institution where you are studying has a Memorandum of Understanding with Immigration Canada, then you may apply for Length of Course visa.

In case you have full scholarship or fees scholarship then your student visa is valid up till the period of your award, for a maximum of four years.

Part Time Study:

Although you need to study full time to get student visa however you can study part time on a visitor visa if you meet the following conditions:

You will be staying in Canada to study for a maximum period of nine months
The Canada Qualifications Authority must have approved your education provider for accepting foreign students

You need a proof to show your tuition fees is paid

You meet visitor requirements for Canada

You can study part time also, if you are in final semester of a course that will give you points to qualify under Skilled Migrant Category and a Canada qualification.

Also, your parents or guardian can accompany you if are 13 years or less of age or are enrolled in years1 to 8 of school. They will have to apply for a guardian visa.

Visa for students sitting in Canada for distance learning course.

You may be required to come to Canada for giving exams or practical study if you study under distance learning course. If your stay is less than three months, you can apply for visitor visa. However, if it is longer than three months, a student visa is required.

For both visas, you need to prove that:-

You are a distance education student an educational institution has offered you a place.
You have paid the tuition fees.

Complying with the terms of your visa:-

After getting your student visa you must comply with certain terms of your visa during your stay:

The place of study which is mentioned in your visa, you must attend your study programme there:

You must live with your parent or guardian if they have come with you
You must be able to prove that you are meeting the attendance requirement and passing the course

You can only undertake work which is allowed under student visa

You must follow Canada laws

You must stay in Canada only for the period your visa is valid.

Also while studying you can work for up to 20 hours each week and work full-time during summer vacation and on all scheduled vacations.

Getting a student visa for Canada is not difficult if you select the right Canada Education Consultants in Delhi and fulfil all the requirements of visa.