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Germany education consultants in Delhi

Study in Germany Which has the one of the biggest exporter of Machinery, vehicles, Chemical and household things. Student can work while studying in Germany. Germany provide 18 month stay back option after study.
  • • Free Education or Low cost of tuition Fees
  • • Courses taught in German & English
  • • Part time job available
  • • IELTS Required
  • • European Union Visa for Germany
  • • High Quality Education providers.
  • • Scholarships Available
  • • Good Job Opportunity.

Why are Germany education consultants in Delhi Necessary?

In these time of trend setting innovations, students from everywhere throughout the globe are utilizing the innovation named the internet to appease their requirement for a fitting study abroad goal which will satisfy their necessities alongside giving them a life time experience. The yearning to study in Germany yields up as an adept solution searching for study abroad destinations.

Germany as a country has a lot to give you; aside from the developments occurring at a fast pace, this country also offers you with a broad scope of courses to study (twelve thousand to be exact). As a destination of study, the atmosphere here for the students is simply exceptional. Foreign students can take up German classes or other courses with the help of Germany education consultants in Delhi.

The degree you gain from recognized and first class colleges in Germany are certified over the world and you won’t confront any issues when scanning for a fitting professional of your dream. The country, German is extremely dynamic and contemporary, which is the reason numerous students want to study here. The wide assortment of open air sports, that one can enjoy while studying in Germany will definitely impress you.

Germany has many open doors when it is contrasted with India. Numerous individuals from Delhi are attempting to study and work in here. The level of individuals flying over to different nations to seek a job is less when it is compared with the number of individuals travelling to another country to pursue higher education. But most of the students don’t have any idea regarding the opportunities different nations; they are becoming hopeless. Germany education consultants in Delhi is helping students from all across the state who are stuck in this situation. If you think studying abroad is expensive and impossible, then think again.

The consultants will aid you by providing the data about the odds to get into the top colleges outside India. If you decide to take up their consultancy, they may ask you about your educational qualification and certificates you have till date. They would begin their guiding by asking you about what you know about studying in a foreign country and suggestion where would you like to study. On the off chance that your recommendation is sufficient, they would proceed with the rest of the procedure depending upon your choice. They will offer you with the assistance needed to study in your country and university of choice.

In case anybody likes to know how the services of these consultants before their education, you can check out the website of many such constancies offering help. To have an insight into the overseas study experts, you can join the program of StampVisa. It would be useful to have knowledge about major abroad colleges around the globe and how you can get admission in them. There are many such consultants who are offering their services and helping students who want to study in foreign nations.

The Need of Germany education consultants in Delhi

As continually, choosing a course for studies is an overwhelming choice for global students. It includes hindrances and colossal expenses in their education and adjustment to a whole new society. Distinctive standards of application in colleges and strict migration process in some nation leave candidates at crossroads.

This is the reason why students are in need of Germany education consultants in Delhi who have profound knowledge in the foreign education system, foundations and courses offered. The abroad education specialists have turned out to be essential for the aspirants’ fruitful training venture in abroad. Truth be told, they are the ideal individual to counsel with and gain information to take your vocation forward. With increasing education destinations for worldwide students, it is normal for them to get confounded and take the wrong way. Be that as it may, counselling with a right expert, one can undoubtedly stay away from these impediments and be successful in a career with a reputed university degree.

Stampvisa.com gives all the previously mentioned services. You can contact us for more information about any related queries regarding studies abroad. Talk to our Germany study consultants in Delhi today for counselling sessions. 

Cost of Study

Bachelor Degree cost around 500 Euro to 10000 Euro Per year and Master Degree around 500 Euro to 10000 Euro per year

Working Rights

During Study Students is allowed to work 120 Full day or 240 half day

1.5 year post study work visa will be allowed to graduates and leading to PR after 4 year work in Germany

Documents Required for Admission

  • Education Certificates ( 10th, 12th, Graduation)
  • Passport Copy
  • IELTS or PTE Score Card
  • Experience Certificate ( if Gap)
  • SOP
  • 2 LOR
  • Resume
  • Skype ID

Documents Required for Student Visa

  • • Complete visa application form.
  • • Valid Passport.
  • • Three colour photographs (35-45 mm) of the applicant with white background .
  • • The student needs to submit academic documents along with the visa application.
  • • Offer letter of the Institution duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the Institution.
  • • Money in Blocked Account 8640 Euro
  • • IELTS Score Card/ GRE Score Card
  • • German Language Certificate
  • • Prearranged accommodation proof.
  • • Airplane ticket booking.
  • • Travel Medical Insurance
  • • Documents indicating that the student possesses sufficient means of subsistence both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to your country of origin or residence.
  • • Income tax return acknowledgment or in case of student his/ her sponsor’s for the last two assessment years.

Please Note:- Applicants are requested to prepare 2 sets of the above mentioned documents along with their photocopies. Additional documents may have to be presented, if required. There would be a brief interview of the student by an officer at the consulate o Assess the genuineness of the student

Universities & Colleges in Germany

  • Hochschule Bremen –International Graduate Center ‐Bremen
  • GISMA Business School ‐Hanover
  • International Academy of Students ‐Schwerin
  • Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg (AHBH) ‐Homburg
  • New European College GmBH –Munich
  • Cologne Business School –Cologne
  • International School of Management ‐University of Applied Sciences ‐Dortmund
  • Eurasia Institute for International Education (EIIE) –Berlin
  • EU Business School –Munich
  • Schiller International University, SIU ‐Heidelberg
  • Halmstad University, Halmstad, Sweden and Hochschule Ostwestfalen ‐Lippe, Germany

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