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Study Abroad Consultants in Janakpuri | Overseas Education Consultant | Tourist Visa Services

Students from all across the country are going abroad to continue their studies further and due to this growing trend, it has become important to approach education consultants in order to get all the visa works done on time. There are several reasons why one should opt for hiring an education consultant in Janakpuri before deciding to go abroad for their studies-

  • Career counselling

Counselling is the first step towards the decision of studying abroad. It becomes very difficult to choose which country should they select for their further studies. This is where the role of an education consultant for various visa services begins. They can guide the students about the pros and cons of the major institutes and universities abroad and describe in details the course details, institute atmosphere and student relations. This can greatly help the students to  select the best universities in their desired countries for their further studies.

  • Admission guidance

The students visa consultants help the students by telling them the universities which are the best for the course they want to pursue. Not only this, the students can also find out the course details and fee structure of various colleges and compare them in order to make a correct decision. 

  • Safety 

A student who applies for admission to a college through a tourist visa consultant in Janakpuri for their visit to a country, they get all the safety as well as security right beginning from the admission to the visa proposal. On the other hand, a student who applies for a visa himself or herself has a great chance of rejection since they are not experienced in these matters and might make mistakes.

  • Financial estimation

Going and living in a new country and sometimes even continent is not easy. The expenses are different and many a times students face a lot of difficulty in financial matters after reaching the country. They might not have a correct idea of the amount that they would be needing in order to meet their basic requirements. As a result, students of middle class families face a lot of difficulty when they find that the expenses are much greater than what they had expected. However this is not the case if a person hires a study abroad consultant in Janakpuri. The consultants tell them all about financial matters and expenses in complete details, in order to avoid any difficulty later on.

Our Services

Career Counseling & Course Selection

As an Abroad Education Consultant it is our primary responsibility to assist every overseas aspirant and cover every aspect such as career counseling, & Course selection to country of their choicee and find most suitable course according to their profile.

Admission Guidance

After Finalised Course, Country and University selection our next step is to start your admission process for offer letter in the appropriate University. We assist with every possible support and our specialties will greatly benefit you in preparing your profile positively for admission in the respective University.

University Selection

After finalized course selection for aspirant our next step is to select appropriate university which would best suitable for your Personal, Academic and Financial parameters. We always take this selection process very seriously while selecting best suitable universities for you not limited to universities and colleges we represent.

Visa Guidance

Candidates of stamp visa always hold an edge over others, our counselors observe the profiles accurately to produce the amazing results. Our next step is to prepare your application for Visa process. We always help our students in preparing their visa file error free and help them in preparing their interview.

Training Services

Learn IELTS , PTE, GRE & TOEFL from the best of all the time and polish your language . Stamp Visa is a place which will take care of all the aspects of IELTS listening speaking reading and writing. The training will burnish your English and will bring ease to your English.

Pre & Post Departure Guidance

We at stamp visa always provide Pre and post departure guidance to every student who got visa through us. We provide them checklist of things to bring with them. We also provide tickets and forex serives with very cheap rates. After landed to your destination country.

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